Here at Sunkissed, we are a serious fountain of fake-tan knowledge. There’s nothing we don’t know about getting your glow on – if there were awards for who knew the most about tanning, we’re pretty sure we’d win. #HumbleBrag.

So, we’ve decided to answer the most googled fake tan questions ever – you are so welcome. From the sensible to the slightly less so, let’s dive in to the weird and wonderful world of the highest searched fake tan FAQs so far…

1st April 2022

How Do You Fake Tan?

We’re not surprised that this tops the list for most googled fake tan questions – but luckily, we’re here to help! In fact, we’ve got a whole video on how to apply fake tan how to apply fake tan, and we’ve got a super handy article on some genius hacks to ensure your tan looks unreal 24/7.


Is Fake Tan Vegan?

Not all fake tan is vegan – but honey, of course ours is! Sunkissed fake tan is vegan, cruelty-free, and our bottles are derived from sugarcane – meaning they’re sustainable, 100% recyclable, and 100% renewable. Just saying.

Is Fake Tan Good For Your Skin?

We all know that skin health equals skin wealth, so fear not – Sunkissed fake tan is A-okay for your skin. Sunkissed products are dermatologically tested for all skin types – including sensitive – plus, they contain lots of moisturising ingredients and they are free from alcohol, an ingredient known to dry the skin. However, if you’re using a product for the first time, we’d always recommend a patch test first!


How To Remove Fake Tan?

Want to strip that tan that’s been hanging around a little too long? We got you, boo. You need our Tan Be Gone Exfoliating Mitt. Use in the shower or buff using circular motions and say bye to old tan!