Animal Testing

Vegan and PETA - Approved

None of ourproducts are tested on animals!

We are pleased to be Vegan and PETA- Approved which means that all manufactured goods made in or exported from our factories and their subsidiaries are vegan and duly free from any animal testing.

There are no such test facilities, nor test procedures for animal testing in our chosen factories.

We comply with the ban on animal testing imposed through The Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2004.

All our Cosmetic Products are designed, developed, and produced in accordance with The Cosmetic Product (Safety) Regulations 2004 which implement the European Cosmetic Safety Regulations in the UK.


Product Testing and Safety

We at SUNKISSED are able to certify that our products are tested and meet the requirements of the UK and EU for an assessment of safety for human health of finished cosmetics products (Statutory Instruments 2008 No. 1284, The Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations 2008) and subsequent amendments by considering the general toxicological profile of the ingredients and an assessment of the final product.

Each assessment takes into account:
a) the general toxicological profile of each ingredient used:
b) the chemical structure of each ingredient:
c) the level of exposure of each ingredient;
d) the specific exposure characteristics of the areas on which the cosmetic product will be applied;
e) the specific exposure characteristics of the class of individuals for whom the cosmetic product is intended.
f) any perfume, essential oil or flavour added to the products comply with the most recent IFRA guidelines at its level of use in a particular product.

Each assessment is based on ingredient safety review and information on the final formulation, including the intended and reasonably foreseeable use, the physico-chemical and microbiological specifications of the raw materials and the finished product, stability and a history and record of any reported undesirable effects linked to the use of the product. Each assessment covers a number of colour variations on the same base formula. All ingredients are reviewed for potential to be skin irritants, sensitisers or photo-sensitisers. In addition where data is available for systemic and sub-chronic toxicity has been taken into account. A review of the literature and of the structural chemistry has been made for each ingredient to estimate the likely potential for genotoxicity, reproductive effects and carcinogenicity.

Margin of Safety

Based on the available toxicological literature, Margins of Safety have been calculated for both topical and systemic effects. It is concluded that all ingredients, when considered both individually and in combination have an adequate Margin of Safety. Taking the above into account and taking the safety data on file, it is considered that the formulations used are safe for marketing.

Finished Product Safety

The formulations are based on known ingredients with history of safe use in cosmetic products. The Safety Assessments have taken account of:

1. The Quantitative/Qualitative composition of the product,
2. The intended and reasonably foreseeable use of the product,
3. Margins of Safety for all ingredients considered both individually and in combination.


In reviewing the safety and toxicity profile of the ingredients used and their history of safe use, it is concluded that there are no likely safety hazards from normal use of any of our products and when used as directed or from foreseeable conditions of misuse. The product range is considered safe for sale in UK and all EU countries.