Who says you must wait until the end of your holiday to get that bronzed glow? Follow our simple steps and you’ll be glowing and bronzed before you even step off the plane and into paradise!

3rd July 2023

Self tan will never stop you getting a real tan, however our products do not act as a barrier to UV rays. Therefore sun protection should be used all day when soaking up the sun!

Now, the last thing you want to worry about on holiday is patchy fake tan, so make sure to perfect your tanning routine before you go:


Step 1:

Start with an exfoliator, this preps your skin ready for application. The Tan Be Gone Exfoliating Mitt will help remove dead skin cells, creating a smooth base for the tan to be applied. Do this 24-48 hrs before you plan on tanning.

Step 2:

The fun part. Apply our Self Tan Mousse! If you tan naturally in the sun, go for our Dark or Ultra Dark Shade. If you do not tan as easily, or rather a tan you can build up if needs be, our Medium mousse is for you. Make sure to apply with our Double Sided Velvet Mitt so you your tan looks as even and natural as possible.

Step 3:

Time to top up! So you’ve been lounging in the sun all day, and quite literally feeling Sunkissed! Your skin will need moisture. Our Gradual Tan Moisturiser is perfect for locking in moisture and preventing dry and flaky skin. We recommend taking the Light/Medium shade away with you as it more natural and buildable.

Step 4:

Let your face GLOW! Achieve a bronzed face without exposing your face too much sun on holiday with our Facial Tanning Mist. This is a holiday essential, especially on those no makeup days!

Sounds like your holiday ready babe! Be sure to shop your Sunkissed essentials online today.