#Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, we wanted to share the ways in which we strive towards helping our planet, and the impact YOU make by using Sunkissed.

We aim to make our Sunkissed Sweethearts feel their best, all whilst minimizing their impact on the environment.

22nd April 2022

Kinder to our Planet

In 2019, we replaced our plastic bottles with bottles derived from sugarcane. As a renewable resource, sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide, in turn reducing the levels of CO2 in the air. Further, plastic does not decompose, so by using sugarcane instead, this reduces earth pollution.

In 2022, we switched from bottles derived from sugarcane to bottles using at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic making them as sustainable as ever!

We’re sure you’re all aware of our fantastic Clean Ocean facial tanning mist and quick drying, non transparent Clear Mousse, but did you know that two of your favorite products are helping to preventing ocean pollution?

The Clean Ocean Range is made from 100% ocean bound plastic. Ocean bound plastic is that found within 50km distance of an ocean coast line, therefore is at high risk of ending up in the oceans. Through recycling such plastic for packaging, we are preventing it reaching the ocean. Further, this also helps less privileged families in Southeast Asia by providing a reliable income from bottle collection.


Supporting Ecologi

Sunkissed are proud to partner with the environmental organization Ecologi. Together we help plant trees and minimize our carbon footprint.

Planting between 6,000 to 10,000 native trees a year with Ecologi, Sunkissed pledge to plant 100K trees by 2030. By doing so, we are removing at least 500 tones of CO2 a year.

Projects we are supporting with Ecologi include repairing water boreholes in Malawi for communities to access clean water. Further, we are reforesting Madagascar groves that suffered extreme deforestation and supporting the Peruvian protection of the Amazon.

Kind to animals

With protecting our planet, comes protecting the wonderful animals within in. At Sunkissed, all our products are PETA approved. Our products have always been cruelty free and vegan, but this shows our commitment to support PETA and the amazing work they do to protect animals all over the world.


Looking to the future

This year, Sunkissed are making all our formulas to be 99% biodegradable, as well as our packaging and labels to minimize environmental impact. Constantly striving towards minimizing our environmental impact, we look forward to seeing where stand on Earth Day 2023!