Are you dreaming of a radiant tan complete with nourishing skincare benefits? Look no further – say hello to the Sunkissed Professional Niacinamide Facial Tan Serum! Read on to discover how to achieve a flawless face tan routine, guaranteed to leave your skin visibly brighter and rejuvenated..

20th May 2024

Why Niacinamide?

At the heart of our serum lies Niacinamide – a powerhouse skincare ingredient celebrated for its multifaceted benefits. Not only does it promote a lit-from-within glow, but it also nurtures your skin's health. By stimulating keratin production, Niacinamide strengthens your skin's barrier, resulting in a smoother, firmer complexion. Further, this ingredient is renowned for its ability to refine pores, even out skin tone, and diminish signs of aging. Picture waking up to revitalized, luminous skin – all thanks to the potent properties of Niacinamide.


Skincare Made Simple

We understand the hassle of juggling multiple skincare products, especially with many skincare ingredients claiming to be good for your skin, how do you incorporate them all into your skincare routine? That's why we've integrated Niacinamide into our Facial Tan Serum, simplifying your routine without compromising on efficacy. Our lightweight formula ensures effortless application and 24-hour hydration. Embrace the convenience of a single product that delivers a Sunkissed glow while nurturing your skin from within.

How To Apply:

1. Prep with Sunkissed Hyaluronic Acid: Before applying your moisturizer, ensure optimal hydration with our Hyaluronic Acid serum. This primes your skin for maximum moisture absorption, setting the stage for a flawless tan application.

2. Customize Your Glow: Mix 3-5 drops of our Niacinamide serum with your Sunkissed Miracle Face Cream. Adjust the number of drops according to your desired tan intensity – from a subtle glow to a deeper bronze. With this customizable approach, say goodbye to the dreaded orange fake tan and hello to a natural, tailored radiance. Perfect for all tanning shades!

3. Simply blend and moisturize your face as usual, allowing the nourishing blend to work its magic.

4. Wake Up to Radiance: Let the tan develop overnight, and prepare to greet the day with Sunkissed skin. Elevate your tanning routine to new heights with this effortless, effective step by step skincare routine.

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