We don’t care what anyone says: fake tanning is an art form. There’s so much more to being a bronzed babe than slathering on some lotion and hoping for the best – so, because we’re actual fake-tan experts, we’re here to up your glow game with our seriously genius fake tan hacks!

19th March 2021

As the Scouts would say – always be prepared.

Listen up, babe: preparation is key when it comes to fake tanning. To avoid any dodgy streaks or questionable patches when tanning, get your bod good to glow 24 hours in advance – we’re talking hair removal, exfoliating, and using an oil-free lotion the day before, not right before getting your bronze on.


Take care of your dry bits…

Is there anything worse than dry, scaly elbows? (In the world of fake tan: no). Avoid tan gathering on dry patches by giving them some TLC just before you apply tanning products: pop a small amount of moisturiser on your elbows, ankles, knuckles, knees and any other problem areas.

Orange eyebrows: not a good look.

Where my blondies at? Disclaimer: fake-tan brows don’t look good on anyone, so after tanning your face, wipe your brows with a dry cotton bud or pad to remove any excess.


Come to think of it, orange hands aren’t so great, either…

Nothing ruins an expertly applied tan like hands that look like they’ve been dipped in Cheeto dust, so take extra care when applying tan here! White knuckles are an absolute no-go, so bend your fingers to make a claw when applying tan to your hands.

Got a spare makeup brush or sponge that you don’t need anymore? Use it to buff the product into your hands, down the sides of your fingers and up onto your arm for a seamless tan transition. Orange palms are so not cute, so use a makeup wipe to clean the underside of your hands once you’re finished – and, using a cotton bud, clean your nails and cuticles to avoid staining. You’re welcome!

Wanna make your tan last? Here’s how!

Okay, you’re beautifully bronzed: now what? Keep your glow for as long as possible by using a gradual tan lotion to keep skin moisturised and your colour popping – we feel some type of way about the Sunkissed Gradual Tan. A good soak in the tub will strip that tan, so try and shower only – the same goes for chlorinated water, so avoid swimming pools if poss. Sweat and friction will make your glow GO, so apply a little translucent or talcum powder to any areas at risk – we’re talking armpits, back of the knees, and your chest.

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