Is there anything worse than scrambling around in our makeup bags to realise that we’re out of almost EVERYTHING!?



We’ve all been there-  when we’ve hit the pan of our favourite bronzer, our mascara has all ran out and we’re scraping the remains of our most beloved lipstick out with the end of an eyeshadow brush.  It always seems to happen at the worst possible time and we just know that buying everything new is going to cost an absolute fortune. 


However, with Sunkissed’s makeup bag essentials for under £10- this NEVER has to be the case again!



We’re firm believers here at Sunkissed that high-quality, on-trend cosmetics don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We do our research, test our formulas and bring you the best, most innovative products on the market- always ensuring that they are all 100% animal cruelty free and use the kindest ingredients possible for both your skin and the planet.


We know that steering away from your usual ‘holy-grail’ makeup products can be difficult- which is why we wanted to give those of you who have never used our cosmetics a real lowdown of each of our ‘makeup bag essentials’. We want to explain how and why they’re so great (and such amazing value for money!)


Give them a try, and don’t forget to tag us in the gorgeous looks you create (@welovesunkissed) …


Hello Sunshine Bronzer £3.99

One of our best selling and most well-known products is our classic Hello Sunshine bronzer. This is a makeup bag staple and has 21g of product in it- so you can rest assured it’ll last you a substantial amount of time. The fine, velvety powder, infused with minerals, smooths easily over the skin and blends out to a flawless finish. It’s super-pigmented and lasts all day, whilst still being extremely buildable.


“I have been using Sunkissed bronzers for a while and must say they are my favourite! It is sometimes hard to find an amazing matte affordable bronzer but Sunkissed do the best. As you may see by the pictures, the Hello Sunshine is one of my most used and loved. It’s a lighter matte bronzer which blends like a dream” -makeupchloe94- Beauty Blogger


Baked To Perfection £3.99


It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to work or going to a wedding- everyone LOVES bringing their face alive with a touch of highlight and blush- it’s a look that anyone can pull off, day in, day out. The baked highlight in our Baked To Perfection duo is raved about by bloggers, MUA’s and YouTubers everywhere- it’s super pigmented, sweeps beautifully across your skin and gives you a lost-lasting, blinding GLOW. Seriously, it could light up a room. The gorgeous blush is perfect for blending over your bronzer for a pop of colour- or why not mix it with the highlight to create a bang-on-trend, shimmering eye shadow?


“How are these products so affordable?! Super glowy. It’s amazing- it’s honestly SUCH a good highlighter!” Stephanie Toms- MUA, blogger, YouTuber


Perfect Fix £4.99


Let the good times last as long as your look! After spending forever getting ready, the last thing we want is to look in the mirror half way through a night out to discover that half of the gorgeous look we’ve created has slid off our face. That’s why the Perfect Fix setting spray is an absolute makeup bag must (especially for those humid summer months) - it’s refreshing, weightless and will keep your makeup in place all night long!


TIP: spray Perfect Fix on to your makeup brushes before dipping into eyeshadows/highlight to make the products EXTRA pigmented!


Mega Long False Lash Effect Mascara - £4.99


There’s no doubt about it- mascaras with fibres in definitely give you that head-turning false lash effect.They work to lengthen, thicken, darken and separate your lashes- giving you the illusion of falsies or even individual lash extensions. Our Mega Long False Lash Effect Mascara launched last year and the feedback we’ve had is just incredible! At just £4.99- this vegan friendly mascara undoubtably deserves a place in your makeup bag


Check out this quote from MUA and YouTuber, Sabrina Nicole;

“This makes my eyelashes look very very fluttery. The little fibres in it let my eyelashes be separated but also extended, and it looks like I have individuals in- that’s how many eyelashes it looks like I have!”


Sweet Berry/ Warm Nudes Eyeshadow Palettes-  £3.99 per palette

 With the ginormous eyeshadow palettes that seem to be around nowadays, it’s often difficult to find a compact, handbag sized palette to take with you on the go. That’s why we created our beautiful Sweet Berry and Warm Nudes eyeshadows. The Sweet Berry is perfect for capturing the cranberry eye trend and adding a vibrant pop of colour to your makeup look whilst our Warm Nudes is the ideal everyday eye palette. Both offer a selection of matte and shimmer shades and both are equally gorgeous!


“I can’t get over the pigment in these eyeshadows! They don’t stick to the skin at all and are so blendable- they could be in a high-end makeup palette for £50 and I wouldn’t think twice about it- they’re just so beaut.” – Shannon Lawlor- Beauty Writer and Blogger


Velvet Kiss £7.99


Whatever your age, style or skin tone, everyone needs a good nude lip kit in their makeup bag. It’s literally the most wearable, complimenting colour out there and goes with absolutely ANY makeup look or outfit. Extenuate your lips with the velvety liner, sweep across the super-soft nude lipstick and finish the look off with the gorgeous, non-sticky lip glaze.



“It is my perfect kind of nude! The lip liner feels incredibly creamy, and the matte lipstick is beautiful. My absolute favourite has to be the gloss though. It’s not sticky at all, and although it does have pigment, it could easily be applied on top of any nude.” Nicole Brooks- Beauty + Lifestyle Blogger

 Easy Brow £4.99


Our double-ended Easy Brow is available in shades light-medium and medium-dark. The twist up brow pencil is SO soft and can be easily built up to create a more intense colour if needed. At the other side of the brow pencil you’ll find a brush- perfect for tidying up your brows before applying colour and also great for blending the pigment out to create that sought-after ‘ombre brow’ effect! Our Easy Brow is so quick and easy to use, making it an amazing addition to your makeup bag this year.

 “It's so soft. I've used brow pencils in the past and they've scraped across my skin- but this just glides on. It's like silk!" - Grace and Grace- YouTubers 


CC flawless base 

A good concealer is vital when it comes to beautiful, even skin. To help create your clear complexion we’ve introduced CC Flawless Base, our velvety smooth palette of colour correcting creams. This six-shade palette includes green to cover blemishes or redness, yellow to hide shadows and dark circles, lilac to brighten skin, nudes to hide any imperfections and white to highlight and add definition to ensure that your face base is immaculate. 

These highly pigmented, Vitamin enriched creams have been specially created to be easily blendable, leaving you with a non-greasy, long-lasting dewy look.


“To carve out the brow, to use as an eyeshadow base, to cover dark circles- all of that- this is perfect”- Jordan Lipscombe – YouTuber and Beauty Blogger


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our list of makeup essentials for under £10!  We have a HUGE range of cosmetics available on our website and we’re constantly launching exciting new products. Make sure to check out our social media for product launches, competitions, makeup inspo and more!