Here at Sunkissed, we’re constantly looking to better our products. Whether we’re developing a new cosmetics range to fit in with the latest makeup trends or creating new tan formulas to keep you looking and feeling your best.  However- our incredible new range of tans launching next month is something that we’re especially excited for- not only because it’s made from 95% natural ingredients but because it also comes in the most sustainable packaging we’ve EVER used (including bio labels made from sugar cane!) 


It seems that we’re not alone in our pursuit to a greener, healthier and more natural beauty industry- according to a recent survey from The Independent, “almost 50% of consumers are buying natural beauty products and a further 8% are wanting to”. As a whole, we’re all starting to care for our planet more, and we’re becoming increasingly more conscious about what we put both in and on to our bodies.


So, what exactly have we changed and why is tanning “the natural way” something to shout about?!


Firstly- you can rest assured that our tanning range doesn’t have any hidden nasties. As well as being 95% natural, the incredible formulas also contain 0% parabens, sulphates, phithalates, silicones and alcohol, so you can achieve the same award winning flawless, Sunkissed glow without the worry of harsh chemicals on your skin. 


Also, according to a survey conducted on Skin Inc recently, “90% of consumers believed that natural, or naturally-derived beauty ingredients were better for them”- something we strongly agree with- which is why we’ve decided to include more information about this on our bottles this year. On each bottle of Sunkissed tan you buy from next month, you’ll find a diagram displaying all of the incredible perks of #SunkissedNaturalTan – from where it’s made to how environmentally friendly it is!



Secondly, our tanning bottles are 100% recyclable, with up to 30% made from already recycled plastic- keeping both you and our planet incredibly happy!


Lastly, our tans are 100% vegan friendly and against animal cruelty, so you can keep a clear conscience whilst indulging in our amazing new range!


As if these incredible perks weren’t justification enough to get your glow on this summer with our dermatologically tested #SunkissedNaturalTan range, the notion of safe-tanning is something that everybody can get on board with.


One of our biggest priorities here at Sunkissed is to promote safe-tanning. Why damage your skin with sunbeds and excessive sun exposure when you can achieve a flawless, 100% safe glow with fake tan every time? It’s ALWAYS guaranteed to beat the lobster-look (and you don’t have to endure the horrendous peeling-phase- seriously, it’s a win/win!).


If you’re already an avid user of our tan and are worried that our new formula won’t be the same- do not panic! We’ve tried and tested our natural tan, ensuring that each and every product gives the same flawless, streak-free, beautifully smelling finish as our current range. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself- we promise that you won’t regret it!