Festival season is well and truly upon us and it’s time to start planning girls. We’ve come up with 20 top tips to help get you in to the festival spirit! This could be your first festival or you could be an avid festival goer! But either way, we think these tips will be sure to help you get ready for your super fun, music fuelled weekend!



1. Tan before you go babes, our tan lasts up to 7 days and you’ll be glowing the whole trip.

2. Bring a chargeable battery pack for your phone, how else will you get those Instagram shots and stories?!

3. Be smart, wear sun cream! Don’t ruin your skin and that gorge Sunkissed fake tan you spent time applying! Red isn’t the new tan!!

4. Packing snacks is key! Who doesn’t like snacks?!

5. Hungover? Pack those sunglasses girl, bigger the better.

6. You need wellies AND trainers! Who knows what the weather might hold?!

7. Bring a small mirror to do you makeup… and our carnival crush is not only the cutest summer palette but also has the perfect size mirror. 2 birds, 1 stone as they say!

8. Bring only the essentials out of your makeup bag, you don’t want to pack too heavy. I know it will be hard only picking a few Sunkissed products to take, but it has to be done!

9. Pack enough underwear and socks to last you a month… because you know, just to be safe.

10. Bring comfies, you might have some super cute festive outfits planned for the day but pack that cosy jumper and warm trackies for the night! It gets nippy!

11. Be well prepared for no showering…. Baby wipes – A MUST. Dry shampoo – A MUST! Moisturiser – A MUST! Hand sanitiser, A DOUBLE MUST!

12. Bring your own toilet roll... we will leave it at that for that one.

13. Make friends! Everyone is there for the same thing, fun and music!

14. Bring a torch, finding the loos at night is scary enough never mind in the dark.

15. Bring a portable fan, your tent will get HOT in the morning, not cute, relaxing sauna hot, baking in an oven type of hot.

16. Bring tights so you can pop them on in the evening whilst you’re out, the temperature can drop quickly!

17. Get a program! You don’t want to miss your favourite artists!

18. Find a meeting point and stick to it! You don’t want to lose your friends.

19. Pack waterproof EVERYTHING, we do live in the UK after all.

20. Bring a hat! If you’re lucky and its sunny you will need it… or you might just need to it hide the shame from the night before!


Oh! A couple of last things, remember to stick together, have fun and be sure to look after one another! Those are the key ingredients to an amazing festival weekend!