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How to avoid the orange tan!

  27 March 2013

Have you ever crossed the line between beautiful natural tan and the dreaded orange fake tan?It can happen to the best of us but if you want to avoid the orange fake tan the best way is to choose a product with the right level of active tanning ingre.....Read More

Celeb Fake Tan Disasters!

  20 March 2013

Whilst most people love a natural looking tan, it is possible for anyone to fall victim to the orange fake tan. Even the  most sensible fake tanners can be guilty of the odd fake tan fail. Here are some of the worst celebrity disasters.The original v.....Read More

Could this be the end of fake tan as we know it?

  15 March 2013

Weve just read a great article in Look Magazine where Victoria Beckham confesses to ditching the fake tan because shes grown out of the Orange look. These comments could be quite worrying for us here at Sunkissed HQ, and all the other highly successf.....Read More

Fake Tan: Streak free hands and feet

  26 February 2013

The hands and feet are notoriously difficult to tan, and unfortunately these two areas are the biggest tell-tale giveaways of fake tan wearers. There are a number of reasons why it is more difficult to apply fake tan to the feet and hands: The skin i.....Read More

Catapult your tan to red carpet status

  01 February 2013

It comes as no great surprise that the trick to a stunning natural deep tan is healthy skin. But achieving beautiful healthy skin is not always as straightforward as it sounds. Leading New York Dermatologist, Dr Neal Schultz, believes that if you kno.....Read More

Discover the secrets to a beautiful winter tan

  05 October 2012

As the darkness descends and the temperature drops will you be changing your tanning regime to suit the weather? Now winterwith the obvious exception of Christmasis not the time to be strutting around with a TOWIE-style perma tan and bare legs; but w.....Read More

The truth about fake tan

  31 August 2012

Fake tan is amazinglets face it, you can achieve almost any depth of tan all year round regardless of your natural colouryou dont have the risk of skin cancer or premature ageing and the choice of products is almost unlimited!In the following article.....Read More

Natural. Beautiful. Glamorous. A makeup tutorial for darker skin

  16 August 2012

 The colour cosmetics used for our Natural, Beautiful, Glamorous look were selected from the Sunkissed Radiance Compact. The velvety rich neutral brown and gold tones are ideal for darker skins. Step 1: We selected three colours from the Sunkissed Ra.....Read More

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